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Whether it's working with such commercialization partners as entrepreneurs, angel investors, technology incubators, venture capital firms, and/or large enterprises, The Harrison Group's (THG's) extensive experience in deftly leading the parties through the technology commercialization process has enabled leading companies to solve their technology transfer needs--in the most efficient and effective ways possible.
The Technology Commercialization Process can seem daunting and arduous. From the first step in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, through the deal negotiation that results in the best deal for all parties, THG has the expertise to ease what could be (and very often is) a very lengthy, "uncomfortable" process into an ultimately cordial "meeting of the minds"--where all parties are winners.
THG understands the need for alignment and integration between marketing functions and corporate sales. With only forty percent (40%) of companies implementing formal programs, systems, or processes to align and integrate these two very critical functions, THG is ready--and able--to supplement companies' marketing and sales deficiencies to solve this very important issue.

Reality Sets In

Commercializing technology is not for the faint of heart. 

"From the time we signed the License Agreement with the Nano Steel Company to full-scale commercialization, ten years had gone by."

Tom Harrison, Former Director
Technology Commercialization Group
Idaho National Laboratory





U.S. Patents Issued​​

Patents Commercialized 

Start-Ups Fail
after 18 Months

Long-Term Successful

Ninety-seven percent
of all patents never result in commercialization!

The reason?

Many inventors and entrepreneurs never go out into the marketplace to gauge whether their respective technologies have potential for market success--
  before patenting.

Questions that should be asked
at the outset are:T

Can my idea be manufactured
at a competitive price?

Is there market "pull"?

Do my financials work?
For over 17 years, THG's Market Awareness Team has gleaned important market-related data for its clients by cold-calling thousands of potential licensees or other prospective partners and asking these questions.

With this, comes the ability to quickly and objectively give direction to its customers before they make a hasty decision to patent a technology that may
--or may not--
be appropriate for the marketplace.

Tangible results from THG's first technology commercialization pathway steps include:
  • Market Spot Report
  • Business Plan

These two documents help THG's  clients make the most objective, cogent, and appropriate decision on whether to patent
--or not.
The result?
The right choice--every time:
100% THG-supported start-up "survivability" success rate!

When that light bulb goes off in your head, call us.

We would be glad to help you realize your
technology commercialization goals.