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THG's Involvement in the
Technology Commercialization Process

Dedicated to "contributing to the greater good", The Harrison Group expeditiously bridges the gap between the research community and commercialization partners by executing a smooth transfer of intellectual property into the marketplace--in record time and record effectiveness.

From the moment research is shown to be promising--and the market is ripe--to the commercialization of the invention, THG is ready to...

 " transform scientific progress into tangible products.."



THG assists researchers and scientists, at this getting-acquainted stage of the process, by conducting a Technology Transfer Pre-Process Questionnaire that commences the introductory stage of the process between THG and the researcher/scientists. With the goal of better acquainting the researcher/scientist about the entire process and the ways in which THG can assist, precious time, and money, are saved by both parties.


  • THG offers assistance in the completion of a Nondisclosure Agrement (NDA) in order to best communicate proprietary information for evaluation or collaborative purposes with outside investigators in industry, government, and/or academia.
  • Assistance is also given by THG in the Invention Disclosure Record (IDR) process to ascertain the date of conception, a complete description, and all potential contributors to the invention to be disclosed.


Once the IDR is processed, THG will conduct a patentability and commercialization assessment of the technology to arrive at a better understanding of the scientific merit of the invention in the marketplace, as well as to determine any prospective commercial partners.


If the technology is "patentable", the patenting process will then be initiatived and overseen by THG.

Marketing of Intellectual Property (IP)

Once the patent is issued, the THG Team then seeks the best "fit" in the marketplace for the technology, the inventor, and the technology "purchasers". After THG completes the IP Valuation of the technology, a decision is then made to do one of the following:

  • outright sale of technology and/or firm that owns technology;
  • joint venture to commercialize technology;
  • license technology; or
  • form a start-up company.


THG assists in the actual launch of the new product in this final stage of new product development. From the raising of venture capital, to the new business development, advertising, sales promotion, and other marketing and sales efforts, THG assists in this "mind-to-market" phase of the process. 


Management Team

Carolyn Harrison
Managing Partner
Tom Harrison
Carolyn Harrison
Tom Harrison

  • Vice President of NationalAssociation of Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP) - Denver, Colorado, Chapter;
  • Vice President of National Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives (NACORE) - Denver, Colorado Chapter;
  • Received international NACORE trophy for initiating and expanding the Tampa Bay Chapter into the "most vibrant NACORE Chapter in the world";
  • Director of Marketing/Sales for Hellmuth Obata & Kassabaum (HOK) architects and engineers in their Denver, Dallas, and Tampa Bay offices. HOK is the second largest architectural and engineering firm in the world.
  • Member of Tampa Committee of 100, Tampa Bay-based Chamber of Commerce organization that recruited companies/industries throughout the world to the State of Florida;
  • Routinely received outstanding performance sales awards during tenure at Van Schaack & Company Real Estate Company--the largest real estate company in Colorado at that time; and
  • Received YMCA/Idaho Falls Volunteer of the Year Award for writing grant application and receiving $250K from M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust Foundation to fund the City of Idaho Falls' YMCA Indoor Youth Soccer Arena

  • Mentor for winning team of a National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corp Award for "Near Real-Time Wind Forecasting", initiated by THG and a Professor at Boise State University;
  • Developed and implemented a worldwide marketing strategy and sales organization for four new product introductions;
  • Successfully designed and launched Kyocera's Laser Printer Division, resulting in revenue growth from $0 to $110 million in less than four years;
  • Established technical support, advertising, marketing, and sales organizations for Kyocera's Memory Products Division in  one-year period of time--under budget;
  • Designed and developed a comprehensive advertising campaign covering all forms of media, resulting in a 35% increase in revenue over a one-year period of time for Olivetti Corporation; and 
  • Formulated, wrote, and implemented a sales training program for internal and external sales groups to launch two new products, worldwide, for Xerox Corporation.


JOE BUFFA, Director, Technology Identification/Qualification

Mr. Buffa has been engaged in the business of starting up new ventures for more than 30 years and co-founded several start-up companies, including every phase of start-up activity, from identification and qualification of the technology, nurturing the young company, to raising needed venture capital to sustain the operation of the company. Since moving to Florida twenty-five years ago, Mr. Buffa has almost exclusively spent his time identifying and qualifying innovative technologies to initiate new ventures.


Ms. Pedersen is a Patent Agent for the intellectual property law firm of Pedersen & Company, PLLC, located in Boise, Idaho. In this capacity, Barbara writes and prosecutes U.S. patent applications and PCT international applications, advises clients regarding patent strategies and layering of patent protection, and supervises and prosecutes foreign patent applications through foreign attorneys.

KEN J. PEDERSEN, Patent Attorney

Ken Pedersen is a Patent Law attorney with Pedersen & Company, PLLC. Ken and Barbara Pedersen have over 65 years of experience, combined, in patent law and have written, prosecuted, and issued approximately 600 U.S. patents, as well as licensing, patent prosecution, and trademark and copyright matters.

ERNEST C. PERRY, Ph.D., Design Engineering/Fluid Mechanics Specialist

For over 40 years, Dr. Perry has specialized in design engineering, engineering analysis, computer modeling, computational fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics, and advanced manufacturing techniques. 

E. GLENN SHELL, Project/Program Manager

Mr. Shell has been involved in the project management, configuration control, project work plans, budgeting, and overall coordination of large and small projects throughout his 50-year career. His expertise lies in his effective and efficient coordination of management plans to assure timely and at-, or under-, budget projects.
​The Importance of a Strong Business and Work Ethic

"My early days on the farm and ranch taught me that  
hard work reaps high rewards. As I later entered the corporate 
work environment, I learned that in order to succeed,
sound business and work ethics are essential, and
that an internal, sustained motivation to "win" are the
foundation upon which a successful company is run.

We at THG adhere to an aggressive work ethic and follow
those principles that incorporate the characteristics
and values that are associated with ethical behavior."

Carolyn Harrison
Managing Partner

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