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Start-Up Assistance - Since 2002, when The Harrison Group, LLC was formed, THG has assisted numerous inventors and entrepreneurs in forming their start-up companies. A list, as well as a brief synopsis of the start-ups THG has assisted, is listed below.

Peripheral Support - THG has also supported other companies, universities, and national laboratories in their technology commercialization/scale-up efforts to accomplish the following (in order of technology commercialization scale-up phases):

  • assisting in market assessments (client prospecting/contacting (cold-calling)/closing, market spot reports,  business plans); 
  • intellectual property protection oversight, if applicable;
  • guiding marketing and sales activities (brand marketing, viral marketing, social media, public relations, trade shows/conferences/exhibit planning and organization); 
  • utilizing various go-to-market mechanisms for commercializing their technologies (licensing, manufacturing and selling directly into the marketplace, joint venture partnering, acquiring a company, forming a strategic alliance, or selling technology outright to a competitor);
  • locating funding sources (angel investors, venture capital firms).

​The below list enumerates those organizations to whom THG gave some form of the aforementioned assistance. 



  • 5D Robotics
  • Innovative Industrial Products, LLC
  • Melni Connector
  • NanoSteel Company
  • Nitrocision
  • Optimal Solutions, LLC
  • ​Subsurface Environmental Monitoring

  • Caring Technologies
  • ​Cogent Energy Systems, Inc.
  • Condux International, Inc.
  • Conservatioin Seeding and Restoration
  • Consumer Products International, Inc.
  • earHero 
  • Good Earth Bio-Solutions
  • ​INL Biomass Feedstock National User Facility
  • Nail Jack Tools
  • Naturopathix, Inc.
  • Outpack Concrete Washout
  • PowerSheen Tire Brite
  • Precision Software Design
  • R2EV, LLC
  • RFinity, Inc.
  • Stone Marker Equipment
  • Sunlution
  • SuperSpare
  • Sustainable Innovations
  • Roger Wilson Technologies
  • Wind Power Forecasting



5D Robotics​, interact with intelligence

5D Robotics is a software product and service company applying robotic innovations to make robots more intelligent and helpful.

Changing the use and value of robots requires the extension of intelligent behaviors into new evironments (minefields, convoys, underwater spaces, and on the highway), where they have not been extensively used before. In turn, this goal requires a fundamental shift from 2D perception, mapping, and video into 3D perception and behavior. This shift enables the presence of intelligent behaviors in ground, air, and underwater environments--environments where such intelligent capabilities are currently in limited use. 

The 5D Robotics Team has a history of innovative robot behavior development interface design. The potential for impact through technology transition was recognized through an R&D 100 Award, as well as a Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Technology Transfer excellence, given to members of the
5D Robotics technical staff for their efforts while at the Idaho National Laboraotry (INL).

In 2018, Humatics, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based start-up
developing microlocation technology to precisely track the
position of robots, acquired 5D Robotics and its subsidiary,
Time Domain, a 31-year-old company located in Huntsville,
Alabama, that develops ultra-wideband technology.

THG assisted 5D in its pursuit of business financing options,
as well as furthering the technology in the marketplace.

Innovative Industrial Products, LLC...turning the wheels of industry

Established in 2013, Innovative Industrial Products, LLC (IIP),  the THG Industrial Products Division, an American, woman-owned small business, and Exclusive Technology Licensee of the patented and trademarked PENTA BUSTER (for five-sided bolts) and HEXA BUSTER (for six-sided bolts) dual-use debris-bolt-removal wrenches. 

The wrenches are designed specifically to protract the tools' "teeth"
from within the tools' cylindrical casing and grind away at the debris
around all types of fasteners (bolts, screws, nuts) for access into the
receptable that is being secured by the fasteners. The teeth are then
safely--and effortlessly--retracted back into the receptable, so the
retracted penta and/or hexa wrenches can remove the fasteners.

Currently, the tools are being sold exclusively to the U. S. electric utility industry by eight electric utility distributors. Recent efforts call for the Company to pursue the Federal Government relative to issues within the Government's Road Vehicles, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Utility Systems operations.

​Market Spot Report

The Melni Connector...quality that connects

Winner of  2010 Idaho TechLaunch Competition
for "Best Business Plan and Business Structure" in State of Idaho.

THG lead the Melni Team to THG's second "win" at the prestigious
 Idaho TechLaunch Competition, held in Boise, Idaho.

Similar to the Chinese twist toy, The Melni Connector produces a one-twist couple, plus an electrically conductive spiral, to produce a secure electrical connection--no more crimping, taping, or soldering!

On April 17, 2015, Mr. Melni and his Partner appeared on ABC's "Shark Tank", and Mark Cuban "knew Mr. Melni was on to something big." That's the reason Mr. Cuban invested $500K for 12% of The Melni Connector Company.
"His (Mr. Cuban's) involvement has been phenomenal.
Sometimes it's hard to understand how he
responds to us so quickly
He does it all himself, and I can't
for the life of me comprehend how he does it."
Mark Melni, Owner
The Melni Connector Company


NanoSteel Company

NanoSteel is an advanced materials company specializing in the design and commercialization
of new, advanced steels with exceptional mechanical properties derived from their nano-scale
microstructure. The Company's expertise is in the design of proprietary steel chemistries and
processing routes to target specific performance requirements. NanoSteel has two current
focus areas: sheet steels for automotive lightweighting and steel powders for 3D printing.

NanoSteel was founded in 2002 to commercialize patented steel alloys developed through
research at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory. In July, 2014, NanoSteel
granted an exclusive worldwide license of its metallic coatings portfolio to Lincoln Electric.

The Company remains a privately held company funded by lead shareholders EnerTech Capial,
Fairhaven Capital, and SPDG and strategic investors GM Ventures and Lear Corporation.

"Tom Harrison, as the Senior Account Executive overseeing the Super Hard Steel Technology,
was instrumental in successfully helping force the identity of The NanoSteel Company
from the initial filing of the key intellectual property all the way to the founding of the Company."
Daniel James Branagan, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Officer/Inventor 
NanoSteel Company



Nitrocision's roots extend back to 1990, when scientists at the Idaho National Laboratory
(INL) needed to cut open storage tanks that contained radioactive material. They needed
a solution that would not ignite the material inside or create a secondary waste stream
that might contaminate other unaffected areas. The standard saws, torches, and water jet
technologies were found to be ineffective, so staff members launched an investigation into
alternate methods.

What they discovered was the potential for compressed gas, specifically liquid nitrogen, to
be used as a cutting technology. After receiving initial funding, INL scientists conducted
several experiments that would go on to prove extremely important:

  • the successful cutting of live explosives, including TNT without detonation, and
  • removal of radiological contamination

With DOE support, several Idaho-based investors sought to comercialize the technology with TRUTech LLC winning the bid. In order to bring the product to market, TRUTech created Nitrocision in 2001 to focus on further developing the technology. Nitrocision proved the commercial viability of the project and brought NitroJet, the Company's ultra-high-pressure liquid nitrogent jet, to market in 2003.


Optimal Solutions Software, LLC
...real-time engineering design deformation and optimization

Winner of  2006 Idaho TechLaunch Competition
for "Best Business Plan and  Business Structure" 
in the State of Idaho

​THG lead the OOS Team to a "win" at the prestigious
2006 Idaho TechLaunch Competition, held in Sun Valley, Idaho.

OptimalSolutions Software, LLC (OSS) is the provider of the award-winning
design deformation product, Sculptor, and aided by its worldwide network of
disributors, continues to apply high-quality cost-savng solutions to its clients'
design issues. Sculptor's unique real-time mesh deformation technology allows
fast and efficient designs.

 Whether it's...

  • increasing the mass flow entering an automotive intake port chamber; or
  • optimizing the shapes of complex valves and other pipe components to improve values of pressure loss, velocity, and/or flow quality; or
  • circumventing the normal CAD-to-wind tunnel process by going  straight from a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) development program to the racetrack for a world renown sports car company; or offering surgeons the ability to perform virtual surgeries before operating on their patients..

the OSS Team is well poised to apply sound solutions to its customers' varied engineering design needs.​​

Subsurface Environmental Monitoring

Water is a fundamental constituent of life and is essential to a wide range of
economic activities. It is also a limited resource. Over-use and mismanagement
of water have created severe constraints on its availability. Such problems are
widespread and will be made more acute by the accelerating demand on fresh
water arising from worldwide trends in economic development.

The ability to adequately sample, monitor, and/or influence water pollution is
vital in protecting the world's precious groundwater from contamination. The
patented Modular Hydraulic Packer-and-Port System (MHPS) developed by
Barrash Cardiff & Kitanidis, LLC is a hydraulic tomography (HT) subsurface
imaging system that is one answer to combating this insidious problem.

The system's modular, hydraulic packer-and-port method for sampling,
monitoring, and/or influencing isolated zones within wells, shafts, pits, or other
boreholes (particularly to hydraulically isolated zones) is a one-of-a-kind
system for monitoring and influencing the conditions therein.

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