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The Harrison Group, LLC's technology commercialization services have resulted in launching the following successful start-ups into the 

5D Robotics  - Intelligent Dexterity                        

5D Robotics - 5D Robotics is a privately-held software  product and services   company applying groundbreaking robotic innovations to make robots more intelligent and useful.  Changing the use and value of robots requires an extension of intelligent behaviors into new environments and uses (minefields, convoys, underwater and on-the-highway uses) where they have not been extensively used before.  In turn, this goal requires a fundamental shift from 2D perception, mapping and video into 3D perception and behavior.  This shift will enable extension of intelligent behaviors in ground, air, and underwater environments where such intelligent capabilities are currently in limited use. 

Ultimately, the 5D software is geared toward the productivity acceleration that occurs when humans and robots are enabled to work together in the easiest and most productive way possible.  5D's effort to create a user-friendly, intuitive approach that leverages the strengths of the operator with the strengths of the robot is a key differentiator in the robotics industry.

The NanoSteel Company - The NanoSteel Company is an advanced materials company that has created a unique and proprietary portfolio of nanotechnology-based and environmentally-friendly steel alloy solutions that greatly increase the value of steel in most of today's industrial applications.

Product success has been through the development of Super Hard Steel (SHS) alloy solutions with nanoscale microstructures for use as metallic coatings within the concrete & cement, mining & aggregates, oil & gas, and power generation industries.

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What they discovered was the potential for compressed gas, specifically liquid nitrogen, to be used as a cutting technology.  After receiving initial funding, INL scientists conducted several experiments that would go on to prove extremely important: 
The second experiment drew the involvement of the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE); this new approach could easily remove radiological contamination, as well as several layers of contaminated paint and coatings from steel and concrete surfaces.
With DOE support, several Idaho-based investors sought to commercialize the technology, with TRUTech LLC winning the bid.  In order to bring the product to market, TRUTech created Nitrocision in 2001 to focus on further developing the technology.  Nitrocision proved the commercial viability of the project and brought NitroJet, the Company's ultra high-pressure liquid nitrogent jet, to market in 2003.

Optimal Solutions Software, LLC - Real-Time Engineering Design Deformation
Optimal Solutions Software, LLC, provider of the award-winning design deformation product, Sculptor, and aided  
by its worldwide network of distributors, continues to apply high-quality, cost-saving solutions to its clients' design issues.  Sculptor's unique real-time mesh deformation technology allows fast and efficient designs.
Whether it's increasing the mass flow entering an automotive intake port chamber; or optimizing the shapes of complex valves and other pipe components to improve values of pressure loss, velocity and/or flow quality; or circumventing the normal CAD-to-wind tunnel process by going straight from a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) development program to the racetrack for a world renown sports car company; or offering surgeons the ability to perform virtual surgeries before operating on their patients, the Optimal Solutions team is well poised to apply sound solutions to its customers' varied engineering design needs.

RFinity - RFinity located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, was launched in October, 2008, after signing a multi-year funding agreement.  RFinity's main technology development focus is on developing a platform that combines the flexibility of mobile devices and nearfield communications with the integrity of hardware-based cryptography.  The technology that RFinity brought to market is patent-pending hardware and software originally developed at the U. S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory.  Key markets on which RFinity focuses includes university student ID and payments, mass-transit access, event ticketing, as well as several military and Homeland Security applications.
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Nitrocision - Nitrocisions' roots extend back to 1990 when scientists at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) needed to cut open storage tanks that contained radioactive material.  They needed a solution that would not ignited the material inside or create a secondary waste stream that might contaminate other unaffected areas.  The standard saws, torches and water jet technology were found to be ineffective, so staff members launched an investigation into alternate methods.