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"Tom Harrison, as the Senior Account Executive overseeing the Super Hard Steel Technology, was instrumental in helping force the identity of The NanoSteel Company from the initial filing of the key intellectual property all the way to the founding of the Company.  To this end, Tom was a consistent stalwart defender of the Bayh-Dole Act, which provided a key mechanism to license Department of Energy intellectual property.

He was able to successfully negotiate through a tricky 'minefield' of competing interests to ensure that the technology was successfully spun out of the Idaho National Laboratory.  Tom's guidance continued in the early days to provide key nurturing support ensuring that this new fledgling Company would grow and develop into one of lasting value and significance."

Daniel James Branagan, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Officer
The NanoSteel Company
"Carolyn Harrison served for several years as Business Development Lead on the Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) Technology Development program at the Idaho National Lab.  During that time, we saw the program grow from a small Cooperative Agreement involving one person overseeing one technology company, to a multi-million-dollar program coordinating most of the key private sector SCWO  technologists in the field, several universities with research programs in SCWO, and all of the nation's labs engaged in SCWO development.

Carolyn's marketing acuity enabled us to secure funding and high-level support to move the technology from a scientific to an engineering endeavor aimed at high-priority applications of the U. S. Department of Energy and commercialization.  We were able to leverage private sector technologies with government support, thanks to Carolyn's ability to successfully navigate between the two."

Carolyn Shapiro, P.E.
Senior Engineer
New Product Development
Esco Corporation
The Harrison Group, LLC
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